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What is Temporary Saline Breast Augmentation?

Temporary Saline Breast Augmentation is a new way to temporarily augment your breasts , be it for a special event or just to test "drive" what your breasts might look like if you had breast implants. What began as as a way for women seeking breast enhancement to determine how they might look if they chose surgery, temporary saline breast augmentation may be an option for women seeking a little "something extra" for a limited time only.

The procedure is done in the office in about 15-20 minutes, is painless, and patients can go right backj to their ususal activities after the treatment. There are no scars or incisions. The results, which are temporary, usually subside in 12-24 hours.

Because the results are temporary, we see a high number of requests for this treatment on Friday and Saturday afternoon or early evening, and we try to accommodate these requests as much as possible. Pricing may therefore vary depending on the day and time you wish to receive your temporary saline breast augmentation.

For more information on temporary saline breast augmentation or to set up an appointment, call 617 262 8528

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