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For how many years has Dr. Del Vecchio been performing breast augmentation surgery?

Dr. Del Vecchio has been Board-Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery since 1995. Since completing his training over a decade ago, Dr Del Vecchio has continued to remain in an academic environment and to educate others. Dr Del Vecchio has also been involved in the training of surgical residents at Tufts New England Medical Center, where he was an Assistant Professor of Surgery, and at Harvard’s Massachusetts General Hospital where he is a member of the Consulting Staff in the Division of Plastic Surgery.

If you are looking for an experienced breast augmentation surgeon in Boston, you should set-up a consultation with Dr. Del Vecchio.

How many breast augmentations does Dr. Del Vecchio perform per year? 

Dr. Del Vecchio performs hundreds of breast augmentation procedures a year for the purposes of cosmetic breast enhancement.

What type of breast implants does Dr. Del Vecchio use?

Dr. Del Vecchio uses Mentor saline breast implants and silicone breast implants. Mentor has been developing breast implants for over thirty years and Dr. Del Vecchio has tested many types before deciding that Mentor breast implants were right for his patients. When you visit the Boston Plastic Surgery office, you will get an opportunity to see how the breast implant looks and feels.

Are silicone breast implants safe?

Dr. Del Vecchio would not use silicone breast implants if they were not safe. After years of studying the effects on women who have had silicone breast implants, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) found no reason that silicone breast implants should not be used in cosmetic breast enhancements. If you have concerns, Dr. Del Vecchio would be glad to address these during your consultation.

What size breast implant is right for me?

Dr. Del Vecchio believes each body type is different and one breast implant size is not right for everyone. When you come in for your breast augmentation consultation, be prepared to talk to Dr. Del Vecchio about what you are hoping to accomplish from the surgery. Additionally, Dr. Del Vecchio recommends you visit his Boston Breast Augmentation photo gallery to see before and after pictures of previous patients. By viewing these Boston Breast augmentation photos, you might be able to find examples of what you hope to achieve.

Based on your expectations and his professional expertise, Dr. Del Vecchio will make a recommendation on the size of breast implant which would be right for you.

Where does Dr. Del Vecchio put the incision for the breast implants?

There are several choices for breast implants incisions. The axilla, or underarm, leaves no visible scar on the breast and involves no dissection through breast tissue. Many patients who desire no breast scars choose this route of insertion. Another popular route of insertion is via the areola, which leaves a very hidden scar in the junction between the pigmented skin of the areola and the lighter skin of the breast. A third route of incision Dr Del Vecchio uses for his Boston breast augmentation patients is the under-wire, or infra-mammary crease incision, which is often used when silicone breast implants are desired.

Where would Dr. Del Vecchio perform the breast augmentation in Boston? Where would he perform the breast augmentation on Cape Cod?

For patients wishing to have their breast augmentation in Boston, the surgery is performed at Mass Eye and Ear Infirmary, a Harvard teaching hospital, or the Boston Center for Ambulatory Surgery.  For breast augmentation patients coming from the North Shore and New Hampshire, North Shore Medical Center, an affiliate of Partners Healthcare, is also available.

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