"I have been waiting all my life to find a surgeon I could really trust and I was lucky enough to bump into Dr. Del Vecchio. From day 1 I felt extremely confortable and happy to put my life in his hands although it was going to be a common liposuction, or so they say."

"Having read about so many cases gone wrong around the world, even a routine thigh and abdomen lipo like mine represented for me a great source of worry."

"He did a great job, before, during and after and the result is simply amazing. It's been 6 months now and I had no complications, a very fast recovery, I was in fact at work only a few days later!! Thanks Dr. D. you really have changed my life! My lipo was worth every penny!"

"I have been a patient of Dr. Delvecchio's for 5 years and I have been extremely satisfied with the care I received from him and his staff. He always takes the time to talk to me about any of my concerns, is very knowledgeable about new procedures and will explain everything in a very understandable way. His work is beautiful and natural and I am more than happy with my new "look". I always recommend him to any friends thinking about plastic surgery."
—Linda from Wellesley

"I received excellent results from Dr. Del Vecchio at Back Bay plastic Surgery. I had breast augmentation and I could not have been happier with my results. From the moment I entered the office on Newbury Street for a consultation I was very impressed. His staff is extremely professional and kind. I was very comfortable and relaxed with everyone which made me feel confident in getting the procedure done with Dr. Del Vecchio. Dr. Del Vecchio was spoken very highly by many people that have worked with him. He could not have done a better job on my breasts. He made the procedure painless. The results were great, the recovery was easy, I would recommend to anyone they could trust that Dr. Del Vecchio would do the best work possible for them."

"I've been treated by several cosmetic surgeons and highly recommend Dr. Del Vecchio. Originally, I had a dermabrasion for the treatment of acne scarring in my early 20s. I was very happy with the results, but knew there was room for improvement. 15 years had passed, and I felt the time was right to seek further improvement. I interviewed several dermatologists/cosmetic surgeons, and opted to be treated with a Cool Touch laser. The results were not very impressive. I was left with three choices. Either, I could accept my results, be treated with an aggressive CO2 laser, or try an entirely new category of laser called Fraxel. Luckily, I found Dr. Del Vecchio. Dr Del Vecchio explained why he felt Fraxel was the right approach. I couldn't be more satisfied, and feel my results speak for themselves."

"I am extremely pleased with my results. The entire process was very pleasant. His office is clean, comfortable and relaxing and the office staff were friendly and professional.  The office is usually busy, but definitely worth the wait. I was very nervous about surgery, but Dr. Del Vecchio put me at ease and took the time to answer all of my questions thoroughly. Dr. Del Vecchio is a very skilled and knowledgeable surgeon.  In my opinion, he is the best in his field. The office staff was also available by phone to answer any questions that I had before or after surgery. My results were more amazing than I expected! I had only slight discomfort post-op, which was a pleasant surprise. I am amazed at how natural they look and feel. I have already recommended him to two of my friends, and would recommend him highly to anyone considering surgery. I couldn't be happier or more excited about my experience and results!"
—Alisha A

My surgery involved the removal of two ruptured silicon breast implants. I was undecided as to whether I would have them replaced. My research of the possible problems with ruptured silicon implants alerted me to the potential of ending up with asymmetrical breasts, not to mention the introduction of silicon into the body. My inquiry also indicated that surgeons with extensive experience with my type of surgery offered the best chance of avoiding such complications.

I researched numerous physicians in the New England area and did not feel comfortable with their approach to my problem: they either did not want to do the surgery or they could offer me only one type of replacement implant or they could not perform the procedure within my time frame. During my consultations with other surgeons, I felt they had a dismissive attitude toward my concerns.

But upon my first consultation with Dr. Del Vecchio, I knew he was the surgeon I had been looking for. He listened to my concerns and asked me several questions before he carefully explained my options. His expertise and calming demeanor convinced me he was the one I would trust with my surgery, and I could not be happier with the results and the level of care I received from him. My bust line is symmetrical with a natural contour, and my clothes have never looked better on me.

Prior to the operation, he explained what I would experience before and after surgery so there were no surprises. In fact, he phoned me the night of the surgery to see how I was doing.  His expert care was complemented by his friendly and experienced staff who were always available if I had any questions. From the first time I walked into his tastefully appointed office, he and his staff made me feel at ease.

This surgery was such a positive experience that I decided to have Dr. Del Vecchio perform a blepharoplasty months after my breast surgery. Once again, the results were amazing. I look 20 years younger and no longer need the lightening cosmetics to disguise dark circles under my eyes.

I am delighted with the results of both surgeries and if I ever decide to have another cosmetic procedure, without a doubt Dr. Del Vecchio will be my surgeon.
—EZ 11/05/07

"When I first called the office I spoke with a highly informed secretary regarding my surgery that I was interested in. From there I was able to get a consult appointment within 2 weeks at their Boston office on Newbury Street. I met with Dr D and spoke to him about which kind of procedure that I was interested in and from there he gave me his professional opinion. At no time did I feel pressured. Being a nurse I felt totally comfortable with him. Dawn in the office made every thing so easy for me, I had surgery at both of the hospitals. that Dr D is on staff at. My tummy tuck came out wonderful, an awesome flat tummy! Since having my 1st surgery I have gone back to him for a breast lift, which I have to say is AMAZING he is very knowledgeable at his craft. And just this Sept I had liposuction to my chin, and I have to say all my other surgeries I was under anesthesia so I wasn't able to see him in action, well I was in his Boston office for the chin liposuction which I have to say his bedside manner was great, I was nervous but he talked me right through it and gave me breaks when needed and was very caring about my comfort level. I would HIGHLY recommend Dr Del Vecchio to all of my friends and colleagues."
—KA 9/26/07

"Office is very clean and professional. Service was just what I expected, Great surgeon, great results. Very happy with outcome."

"I came to Dr. Del Vecchio for a consultation on a previous abdomneoplasty surgery that I had done elsewhere in Jan. 2008. I was quite disappointed in those results, and wondered if my expectations had been too high, or if I had indeed recieved less than desirable results. I was very impressed with Dr. Del Vecchio when I met with him. My immediate impression of him was that of a friendly, confident, and caring surgeon. He knew at that point I was just looking for another opinion, as I contemplated my options. It was his professional belief that I could have had much better results, and he carefully explained why and how. Ultimately I decided that I did not want to have my original surgeon redo my procedure and so decided to book surgery with Dr. D for August '08. Before this date, I saw him again for a pre-op appointment, and also communicated with him by e-mail. Having gone through this operation unsucessfully before, I was understandably worried and had many concerns and questions regarding the potential outcome. He was understanding of these concerns, and very patiently answered everything (more than once) and helped me to understand what he realistically could do for me."

"I am very happy that I decided to have him do the surgery. He did a fabulous job and I have been quite pleased with my results. My incision scar is as low as it possibly could be, my belly button came out very natural looking, and I did not end up with any vertical scar from the old belly button opening (which I had been told, by my first surgeon, that I would have had a very long one .....had the expected, full tummy tuck been performed). The difference between my first surgery and this second with Dr. D is like night and day. I only wish I had done better research, and had made a more informed decision the first time around.... a valuable lesson learned (the hard way) for me. It is with a great deal of confidence that l highly recommend Dr. Del Vecchio."

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